Nostalgic Games for a Modern Audience

Nostalgic Games for a Modern Audience

According to historians, humans have been playing games in some form or another since prehistoric times. Not only are they rich and engaging pastimes that offer hours of entertainment, but games in their various guises have also long had a significant social context too.  

In team-based games, for example, we find ways of working together to achieve a common goal. Even competitive games help us develop empathy as we try to get inside the minds of our opponents. Then there are the games that are played in an explicitly social setting, such as card games like bridge or tile games like mahjong.  

Some games seem to have been around for aeons and, in their new modern incarnations, they’ll probably remain around forever too. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at those nostalgic games that have been given brand-new 21st-century makeovers.  

Digitising the Classics 

There are several traditional games that have truly stood the test of time. These classic table games are classic for a reason – they’re just as appealing now as they were when they were first invented. Within this category, we’ve included backgammon, chess and chequers.  

While you can certainly still play all three in their original format, technology has made it possible for game developers to create their own digital versions of these classic games. This, in turn, has opened up new realms of possibilities for players of the games. Rather than being stuck playing against the same friends or loved ones, gamers today can now go online and play a round or two of backgammon against a player on the other side of the globe.  

The Casino at Home 

Since they were first invented, casinos and casino games have always had a certain allure about them. Of course, it helps that in Europe these games have historically been played in exquisite gaming palaces à la the Casino de Monte Carlo. There’s one game, however, that is quintessentially glamourous – roulette – and now it’s available for modern gamers to enjoy in the form of a digital experience, without needing to leave the comfort of home. 

Online roulette is a staple game of the iGaming industry – which also encompasses online gaming activities including slots, blackjack, and poker. Therefore, there’s plenty of innovation and development in the sector. Today, gamers can access all sorts of exciting variants online, from classic roulette to lightning rounds, 3D roulette and even multi-wheel games – all of which are perfect for recreating the thrill of the casino at home. 

Retro Video Gaming 

Compared to chess or roulette, video games are themselves a modern invention. However, there are some retro games that have a special place in our collective hearts. Shrouded in nostalgia, these games take us back to a more innocent era, when we had to wait what seemed like forever for the next instalment of our favourite gaming series.  

In recent years, hardware manufacturers have released new versions of retro gaming machines (NES Classic and SEGA Mega Drive Mini), but there’s also a way to play updated retro games on the newest gaming consoles. Released in 2021, Pac Man 99 on the Nintendo Switch turned this classic arcade game into a brand new battle royale.  

Similarly, Sonic The Hedgehog was rebooted for a new decade in Sonic Mania (PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC), Doom returned to its roots in 2020’s Doom Eternal (PS4/5, Xbox One-Series X, Windows PC, Google Stadia) and The Legend of Zelda is still spawning new instalments.  

A New Wave of Board Games  

Board games are another genre of game that will always stand the test of time. While there are certainly ways to enjoy staples like Monopoly and Scrabble on digital devices, these classic games have given rise to a new wave of heavily-inspired board games. Sure, there’s no way to reinvent the wheel, but we can’t help but notice some similarities between the latest board and dice games and some nostalgic titles.  

Take The King of Tokyo. On the surface, this kaiju dice game seems worlds apart from the 1950s classic, Yahtzee. However, this new game takes the rolling and re-rolling premise that makes the original dice game so compelling and adds in giant monsters and playing cards.  

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