The bin of all bins…

The bin of all bins…

The 58 litre dual compartment rectangular sensor bin with voice and motion control from Simplehuman…

Modernise your kitchen with simplehuman’s fantastic dual compartment rectangular sensor bin.

This amazing voice feature allows you to open the bin by saying ‘open can’, and the lid will open automatically.

You can open the bin with just a wave of your hand; infrared fields sense the area above and in front of the can so it opens automatically.

Key features: 

Recylcle with ease
Featuring 2 compartments, making it easier for you to separate your recyclables from your everyday waste

Discreet Bin Liners
Suitable for use with simplehuman Size H bin liners which fit perfectly and stay hidden.

Nano-Silver Clear Coat
This amazing feature will protect the stainless steel from fingerprints and germs.

Mains or battery operated
Can be used with the plug-in power adapter or 6 AA alkaline batteries.

Simplehuman use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home – for years. They stand by their products. If something goes wrong, they do their best to help solve the problem.

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