The new Bubble Tea Destination

The new Bubble Tea Destination

With #bubbletea topping over 3 billion views on TikTok, it has no signs of slowing down as Brits embrace this east to west trend.

Purcha is the first and only bubble tea destination in the capital where the focus is truly on the carefully selected tea menu, from light to dark roast, which is freshly brewed from loose leaves rather than the processed powdered mixes all other brands use. You can even buy the tea on its own without boba, or add milk, or add milk and boba – it’s this layering that allows the tea to be the star.

Founder Paul Cheung who hails from Hong Kong where the bubble tea scene has been booming for years, is passionate about the correct tea sourcing. This is bubble tea for grown ups and the luxury tea menu includes Silver Tip Jasmine, Orchid Ti Guan Yin, Floral Xian Zhong Black Tea and Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea.

For more information see Purcha

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