The Story Behind the Deal or No Deal Reboot on ITV

The Story Behind the Deal or No Deal Reboot on ITV

Like a cold yellow leaf on a harsh wind, the death of Deal or No Deal probably passed a lot of people by in 2016. For us, however, we couldn’t help but scratch our heads when Channel 4 finally pulled the plug – or the telephone cord, if you will. Starting in 2005 and going on for eleven years, Deal or No Deal was a daytime game show that really managed to sparkle and shine amongst its competitors.

While real-time game shows, where everything is happening instantaneously, tend to prove more popular than pre-recorded game shows, Deal or No Deal still managed to capture the tension and adrenaline inherent in a live show, setting it apart from the average pre-recorded game show or quiz. This was even more impressive, considering the concept involved people randomly opening boxes for half an hour.

Deal or No Deal: Then and Now

It seems we’re not the only people to think this. While Deal or No Deal has been off the air for seven years, in 2023, it finally made its much-anticipated comeback, returning to our screens to fill the audience with tension, anticipation, and excitement all over again. But for anyone who tuned in for the first episode on the 20th of November, there were a few notable changes.

Number one was the distinct lack of Noel Edmonds – the face of the show for its previous eleven-year run. While the reason for this hasn’t been made clear, it could be down to the ratings that affected its first era toward the latter end of its lifespan. While Deal or No Deal was garnering an audience of 4 million at its peak, the ratings for the show declined to around 300,000 in its last few years, with viewers seemingly becoming disenchanted by Edmonds as host. When rumours of a return were bandied about in subsequent years, Edmonds said outright that he wouldn’t return on hosting duties – so whether it was a production decision or the decision of Noel Edmonds, we’re not entirely sure.

The second change to note in the new series was the brand-new banker. While the voice of the original banker was never officially confirmed, there were some very hot rumours that it belonged to Coronation Street star Glenn Hugill, who also served as an executive producer on the show. Much like the original show, however, this new banker is completely anonymous, and no one has yet guessed who it might be. We have a few theories, of course. For us, it’s a toss-up between Peter Jones, Robert Downey Jr, or Prince William, and we have our gaze set very firmly on the latter.

The Return of the King

Apart from the new host, Stephen Mulhern, and the new banker, however, the show is very much the same show as it was from 2005 to 2016. People have a box with cash ranging from 1p to 100,000, a contestant picks a box and eliminates cash from the game, and the banker gives them offers while they’re doing it. Either they can reject all offers and hope that the big prize is in their box – allowing them to go on that luxury yachting trip or buy that huge TV they always dreamed of – or they can take the offer and hope that the big prize isn’t in their box.

It’s a game of complete luck and chance, but in a way, that’s why we love it so much. Unlike other game shows, this one is all about human emotion, hope, and fate. It’s great fun as a concept, but it can also tug on the heartstrings like no other gameshow can. That’s why we’re so happy Deal or No Deal is back, and the king of daytime television has claimed a new throne on ITV.

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