Time to warm your paws! Stoov launches its Woov Heated Dog Bed in the UK 

Time to warm your paws! Stoov launches its Woov Heated Dog Bed in the UK 

Today, interior infrared heating accessory brand, Stoov, is launching its heated dog bed, the Woov, in the UK to warm our four-legged friends across the country. The Dutch company, which aims to warm people not the planet and help homeowners save on heating bills, is now helping Brits keep their pets warm and comfortable too.  

The Woov dog bed, which is also suitable for our feline friends as well, uses infrared technology to ensure pets can enjoy optimum temperatures to stay cosy. Like other Stoov products in the range, it has three heat settings so owners can ensure their four-legged friends are getting the right amount of warmth at the right time. It also comes with a re-chargeable battery that can last up to six hours and is available in two fabrics: warm and woolly for keeping cosy inside, and an outdoor fabric which is water and dirt repellent – perfect for muddy paws if your dog likes to spend extra time outside or is your camping companion.  

Selecting the right bed for your beloved pooch is an important decision that needs to take into account the dog’s breed, size and age. A heated, cosy environment for an older dog for example can provided added comfort and relief from joint issues (the Kennel Club recommends using heated beds for older pets with joint issues or who suffer from painful muscular conditions). Heated beds can also be helpful for pets who have low body fat and senior dogs, who are not able to thermoregulate their body temperatures such as Great Danes, Beagles, Greyhounds, and Shih Tzus who are more susceptible to the cold. It is important, however, that owners consider all the use cases before investing in a heated bed for their pet. Stoov recommends ensuring the pet can easily get up from the bed and move around freely so they don’t get too warm.  

Teun van Leijsen, Founder of Stoov, says, “Over 10 million households in the UK are home to dogs – we understand how important they are to Brits and their families. We wanted to help some of the biggest dog fans in the world to care for their best friends by bringing the Woov to the UK. It’s not just about keeping warm when it’s cold, it’s about making sure your dog’s comfort and wellbeing needs are catered to as well. We are so pleased to be able to continue to not just warm people instead of the planet, but their pets too.” 

The Woov is available to buy now from the Stoov website, from £139.95.  

If owners are unsure if a heated bed is the right choice for their pet, please consult your vet for further guidance or you can find more information on the Kennell Club website.  

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