Tips & Tricks: How to Look Younger

Tips & Tricks: How to Look Younger

People, especially women, spend a small fortune on products that are supposed to make them look younger. From all kinds of procedures to beauty serums, there is a whole array of things that are designed to erase years off your face. If going under a knife is not an option for you, but you still wish to capture a youthful glow, here are a couple of simple tricks that should do wonders for your look or you could try hormone testing for women.

Dye your hair 

Although silver hair was a huge hit for the last couple of years among the 20-something ladies, it is not a great option if you actually have natural grey hair. In fact, avoid any ash tones altogether, and tell your hairdresser that you want to dye your hair in golden and warm tones with some highlights. You will instantly look younger!

Hide your thin lips

Unfortunately, our lips tend to get thinner as we age. And if you started with already thin lips, you are in trouble. However, this is when the makeup comes to the rescue. When you are applying it, use a lip liner that matches the colour of your lips and draw slightly over the bottom and upper lip line. Apply your lipstick and add a touch of gloss to the middle for that fuller effect and you are ready to go.

Don’t leave your house without sunscreen

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the fact that it takes about 20 minutes for the sunscreen to activate and so they put it on when they have already spent some time outdoors. If you wish to protect your skin and slow down the aging process, apply sunscreen onto your face and neck (don’t forget the neck!)  half an hour before you leave your house, even in winter. 

Moisturise your skin

Nothing can speed up the aging process as not hydrating your skin properly. Apart from hydrating it from the inside out by drinking 8 glasses of water every day, you can also keep it soft and dewy by applying Aloe Vera gel. For more organic skincare products that can help you keep your skin youthful, visit Herbal Dynamics Beauty.  

Use an acid peel for thicker skin

Your lips are not the only thing that gets thinner with age. In fact, your skin becomes thinner as well. That is why it is recommendable that you use a good acid peel twice a week, once if you have dry skin. This product will not only thicken your skin but build collagen and erase fine lines. 

Embrace bolder brows

Thicker, defined eyebrows are usually associated with youth, so invest in a brow pencil or powder that will help you fill in any gaps along your brow. You can also get some castor oil and use it on your eyebrows. This oil stimulates hair growth so it can create fuller brows. 

Use vitamin A on a daily basis

Products with vitamin A can do wonders for your skin. Not only will they unclog your pores, but they will boost healthy skin cell production and minimize discoloration. 

Rock longer bangs

Those fine lines on your forehead are a sure sign that you have quite a number of candles on your birthday cake. If you cannot get rid of them, mask them with longer bangs. This hairstyle will also soften your facial features and draw attention to your eyes. 

Finish your shower with a cold rinse

Maybe this isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world but make an effort to rinse with cold water every time you wash your hair. This will close the cuticles and pores in the scalp and help infuse shine.

Make time for working out

As you surely know, physical activity can boost your health on so many levels. But did you know it can also do wonders for your skin? By increasing blood flow and eliminating waste, exercise speeds up cellular rejuvenation and keeps your skin cells healthy and youthful.  

With these simple tricks you will be able to turn back the clock and look way younger. 

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