Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

It’s an interesting time to be a homeowner; house prices continue to skyrocket, and even with price growth set to diminish in the coming months demand for homes is high. The continued dramatic growth in prices is the perfect opportunity for you to make something of an investment in your home, where making changes and additions will not only add value greater than the sum of your investment, but also accrue additional interest as your property’s value gains interest. Here are some simple ways you can add value to your property, and make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Updating Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is one of the most impactful ways you can change your home, creating a real wow-factor space for potential buyers and having a dramatic effect on your home’s value as a result. You can start with superficial changes such as swapping out your kitchen units for a more contemporary shaker kitchen design, or replacing your worktop surfaces with a more bespoke material, but more substantial changes can make all the difference. Consider investing in a new floor, or some ultra-modern conveniences such as a boiling water tap.

Adding a Bathroom

A second bathroom can make all the difference in the value home, adding as much as five percent; 70% of estate agents also believe your chances of sale are increased with a second bathroom. With that in mind, installing one should be high on your list of ways to grow the equity in your home. If you have a spare bedroom with ample room, you could split the room with a partition wall and create an en-suite. Alternatively, you could make plans for a ground-floor extension towards the back of your home, to create room for a full bathroom without compromising on your existing floor space.

Improving Your Garden

Your garden will be particularly important to your home’s value, not just in terms of facilities and conveniences. The first impression any potential buyers get of your property will be based on its appearance from the outside. You can increase your home’s value simply by hiring a landscaper to tidy up your gardens for you, but you can go a little further, by hiring them to install flowerbeds, perform topiary on your existing hedges and even work on any pathways to your front door. As for the back garden, more and more families are looking for space to socialise in the warmer months, and demand for outdoor furniture has increased as a result. Creating an outdoor patio space in your back garden will be sure to attract more buyers.

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